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102 KRKC

"Gentleman" Jim Barker
Matthew Arnett
Adrienne Brooks
Penny Mitchell
Tad Svendsen
Dave Johnson
Michael Davis
Jason Bowers
Jenna McKay
Letty Enciso
Rick Morgan
Zack Taylor
Don Bishop
Dave Otto 

1490 AM KRKC

Oakland Athletics

SJ Sharks

GS Warriors

 102 KRKC Concerts:

Apr 6
HP Pavilion
San Jose
Apr 25
Bon Jovi
HP Pavilion
San Jose
May 22
Fleetwood Mac
HP Pavilion
San Jose
Jul 18-29
Mid-State Fair

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KRKC Country 1490AM and KRKC-FM 102.1 each now have their own web sites.
KRKC Country 1490 AM can be visited at
KRKC-FM 102.1 can be visited at


With listeners in the:

  • Monterey - Salinas - Santa Cruz Radio Market
  • San Luis Obispo Radio Market
  • Fresno Radio Market

102 KRKC plays a variety of top 40 and rock hit music. 102 KRKC is a 50,000 watt station at 102.1 on the FM dial.

Afternoons with Gentleman Jim Barker 3pm-5pm
Michael Davis 5pm-7pm


1490 KRKC-AM is your station for local news and sports in Monterey County. KRKC-AM also features a ton of major league sports. Oakland Raiders-SF 49ers-Oakland A's baseball-Golden State Warriors basketball and San Jose Sharks hockey.


Front row: Michael Davis. 
Back row: Matthew Arnett, Jim Barker and Letty Enciso.


1490 KRKC-AM Celebrating 50 years of broadcasting
1021 KRKC-FM Celebrating 20 years of broadcasting